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MQTT Service

Currently, GPS trackers applications are limited by the platform to which they are connected. Most trackers are connected to a web application called platform. Their functions depend on the platform they use. To add special functions or capabilities a change in the platform is needed, which usually is expensive. Most users are restricted to use only functions offered by their platform.

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing this. With IoT every user can get the functions that she/he requires without having to rely on a specific platform.

MQTT. Is a communication protocol used by IoT.
In order to be integrated in IoT, current trackers need to use this protocol.

Our MQTT service allows current trackers to be part of IoT.

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Our MQTT service has, the following features:

  • Several Service Plans:
    • Platform only. In this case, the user himself installs and configures the tracker and pays for the GPRS communication service. This is the recommended option for trackers that are already installed. The platform service is paid annually.
    • Plug and Play. The user needs only to plug the tracker into the vehicle's OBDII port. We provide an already configured tracker. Our service includes GPRS communication (GSM Service). The user initially pays for the tracker and then a monthly or annuity fee that covers the cost of the platform and the GPRS communication service. This is the recommended option for users who require a quick and simple solution to use existing applications, such as Owntracks.
  • Easy to use. Through an UI, users easily setup MQTT messages from trackers to many different brokers.
  • Multiple Messages. Several messages can be sent for each tracker position report. For example, a message can be sent for each user who has access to the tracker. Additionally, users can setup the topics using variables: %u for the user ID and %d for the tracker imei. These variables can also be used to configure the ClientId.

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Users of our MQTT service get the following benefits:

  • Variety of Trackers Our Mqtt service works with all models supported to our platform. Here you can see a list of supported trackers . If your tracker is not listed, please contact us to verify if it can be homologated.
  • Many new applications By using our MQTT Service, users no longer depend only on the features of their current platform. There are many free open source and paid applications available, like:
    • Owntracks Is an Open Source application for Android and IOS devices that allows the visualization of a many smartphones and trackers. The Mqtt service enables gps trackers to work with this app. In order to get more details, please, visit the manufacturer's website Owntracks
    • Node-RED Allow users without any software developing experience to create the necessary logic using a visual flow programming language. It works on a webpage where users select the components and then join them together to create the desired flow. You can find Node-RED tutorials on YouTube.
    • InfluxDB It's also a free Open Source application that allows to store and access data generated by trackers or any IoT device in a Data Base. For instance, you can accumulate the distances traveled by a fleet of vehicles.
    • Grafana Is a tool to analyze and visualize data stored in InfluxDB or similar databases.

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