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Mobile Asset Tracking

Our services allows BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) car dealers, credit unions, car insurance companies, car rental companies, and other organizations to permanently track the location of their collaterals or mobile assets. In the event of any contingency, those assets can be recovered more easily.

Along with the benefit of permanently knowing the location of any vehicle or asset, it is also critical to track the movement history of the vehicle. In the event of the need to recover the asset, this information can be quite valuable. It can also prove to be important to frequently verify that the mechanisms used to track the asset have not been accidentally or intentionally disabled.

Among the most important features of the Mobile Asset Tracking app:

  • EASY TO USE Our service was specifically designed to provide ease of use to administrators as well as end users. Our VARs only need three skills to use our platform:
    • Ability to install trackers on vehicles properly.
    • Ability to configure trackers by sending text messages (SMS).
    • Ability to interact with a website.
    End users only need to be able to interact with a website.
    • Access to the websites is based on the OpenID standard that enables users to login with the same credentials they use in other common sites, such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook, or Live (Hotmail). As a result, there is no need for users to remember new passwords and no risk related to exposing them. An additional benefit is that users do not have to re enter credentials to use the platform when they are already logged on on Yahoo, Google, Live (Hotmail), or Facebook.
    • Our platform is designed to support all devices that are included in the list of Supported Trackers. We also continually add support for new devices.
    • A variety of factors often affects the selection of the make and model. For example, price is often the most important factor, but in other instances, the most important factor could be the need to install the tracker covertly. Our service is designed to support all devices included in the list of Supported Trackers. We also continually strive to provide the best service possible by adding support for new devices as they enter the market.

VARs who sell our Mobile Asset Tracking service receive the following benefits:

    • VARs may offer our platform under their own identity or brand, including web domain, logo, and brand identity colors.
    • With our competitive priced service, resellers are able to offer the best possible product at the lowest price. We are proud to offer the best platform at the lowest price. While many providers offer a platform service for around $20 per month, our platform costs less than $60 per year.
    • Efficiently managing hundreds or thousands of trackers require the use of tools specifically designed for that purpose. Our Monitoring Platform quickly detects those trackers that have stopped reporting location data for any reason. Additionally, our website allows VARs to easily provision trackers and services and manage user permissions.
  • BEST SERVICE Our service offers an extensive array of advantages:
    • Price-Our cloud-based service is highly cost effective.
    • Unlimited Use-While some services limit the number of monthly accesses, we provide unlimited access.
    • Real Time Tracking-Our service allows for simultaneous display of multiple vehicles.
    • Multiple Users and Administrators-While some services limit the number of users that are able to access the tracker, we provide administrators with the option to delegate the management of trackers to other users.
    • Historic Data-Our service is able to store all tracker reported locations for few months.